People Proverbs

Live your day to the fullest all the way to the end of the day.

Success is measured by the journey not just by it's destination.

The Lord may not show up when you expect Him to, and He will always be on time.

None of us make it out of here alive, so make sure you are not already dead.

Each first step is a step toward everything.

True friends can sit in silence and let their hearts speak.

Are you rested or stressted?

How much do I resist the intrusion of the divine to live in the kingdom of self?

It never troubles God when we bring our troubles to Him; what troubles God is when we don't.

God is so faithful in our little lives through tough times; then when we realize how big our lives are to God, we are blessed.

God is proposing. All we have to say is, "I do".

You're a country singer if you can sing about Jesus.

How can you care for others as Christ would, if you won't let Christ care for you.....

Faith is not that God's knowing He will.