Friday, January 15, 2016

Self Care : Getting off Gravity

I heard something yesterday, I think on the radio, that hit home with me.  Reading too from others who don't manage this well in their daily lives.  The announcer was talking about self care and the lack of it in our lives.  They described people in life who talk about how tired they are all the time or complain about this and that or wish for more of everything, 
anytime you talk to them.  

No matter how much you encourage them, suggest or lift them up they remain, stuck.....  

When really all you want to say to them is "Go take a nap then".  

It would do you a world of good.  Just a nap.  Not a long winters nap, just 20-30 minutes is all.   

Why is self care so difficult for us? 

It is the one thing we do have control over that can determine our overall outcome for each day, month and even years.  When faced with a life threatening disease or illness or circumstance, self care moves to the top of the list.  Why is that?  Why are we not putting this at the top of our list each day? 

How will I take care of myself today?  

Even if in some small minuscule way, we should do something to afford us a time out.  Not where we neglect or become irresponsible, but just a simple self care that is off our beaten path..... I call it getting off gravity....and I am not saying going to Starbucks every morning for your latte is self care......because its the norm.....for me its doing something out of the norm that makes it feel more like self care.  Does that make sense?

There are many ways to self care.....and it doesn't even have to be things we do for ourselves.  

Self care can be things we do for others that brings us great joy and satisfaction.  

Stepping out of our normal box and doing something, one little thing that makes us brighter, healed, complete, or satisfied within is the kind of self care I hope for each day.

I encourage you each day to find a way to meet that need in you to self care.  Especially for moms who are busy taking care of everyone else, all the time.  Those going through life changing events, take a moment and figure out how to fit self care into your day.  

Raising the standard within will reflect excellence to others.  

I am please to announce that much of my "self care" during cancer treatments is paying off now.  In my reports back from oncologists, internal medical docs and cardiologists the numbers look good.  My exercise, eating habits, time well spent, fellowship and quiet time have served me well.  

My report this time from MD Anderson was really great and I am thankful.  My heart ejection fraction is the biggest news and is now at 60%.  At its lowest point I was at 44%.  I had to go on heart meds to rebuild and remodel my heart.  I remember telling the doctor, "I thought only God could remodel my heart?".  They laughed and said, "Yes, but we are just putting up new wallpaper".  I also remember thinking, how can I be in the 3% of people whose heart gets damaged during chemo?  I am one of the special ones.  

God is still my general contractor.  He's not finished with me yet.

This July it will be five years since my diagnosis.  WOW.  Can't believe it. 
Another report is that all my cancer markers have remained clear.    
Grateful for this report for another year. 
Grateful for all my doctors both in Houston and in Kerrville.  
Grateful even for my doctor, accused and convicted of poisoning her boyfriend, now serving time in prison.  Huffington Post says," this". 

Yes, that would be my doctor and she is THAT doctor on the cover of People magazine and on NBC Nightly News. Glad I was through most of my treatments by then and I didn't accept any coffee from her......sorry just some cancer humor there.  All kidding aside, she helped me get through and is a brilliant research doctor for cancer.  I wish her peace.  I even named my chicken, Maria, after her cause she and the chicken are Columbian.  

I sent her this picture after I finished treatments, and rang the bell to thank her for helping me beat breast cancer. Don't know if she ever got it.  Never talked to her again. 

There are many of you who helped me beat it.

The one report I was hoping to reverse, but sort of expected was my bone loss.  It came down in numbers more, which means I go on Fosomax for a couple years.  I know I might have been able to help this number more if my self care had been more consistent and if I had taken it more seriously.  I am a slacker in self care sometimes, so not surprised at this number.  I will be on oral chemo for about another year and a half and that is what causes the bone loss.  This medication stays in your body forever, so I am glad I only have to be on it for couple years.

Then I will go off all meds except probably heart meds.  Letting go of these meds is also a trust factor for me.  

This is like letting go of a security blanket and stepping out into the unknown unclothed....

At that point, self care will need to be at its all time high and on point to maintain a certain level of healthy living.  No more relying on the meds to do all the work......I have to be, get and remain involved.  Luckily I have already started so the learning curve will not be too great.  Just the obedience part.  

I am relieved and overjoyed with this report. Thankful to my Creator for always being by my side.  Thanks to you reading this,  for your love, prayers and constant friendship through this process and journey.  What a ride it has been.

Get involved with your own self care journey. Never give up.   
Lets keep each other accountable and lift each other up in our thoughts and prayers. 

Live this life, you have been given, together, taking pleasure in that gift each day.  

Here's to another year!

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