Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Cookie & Some Bugs

Coming home from the Hye Farmers Market, where consequently I did not sell one Hattie Bag . I did give away one to a very happy 10 year old boy who put his name in my drawing to win for his mom for Mother's Day (so happy he won), and met a ton of great people with lots of great feedback.
When starting a new thing getting feedback is almost payment enough for a while.  I had one photographer tell William, "This lady should not be in Hye, TX.....she should be in NYC"  I was blessed by that comment.  William said she was not your typical photographer.  She was "artsy".  I had many more men think my idea for the hats into purses, imaginative and innovative.  Great, so please buy one for your girl......please.

In Frederiecksburg, every year, a group of Volkswagen Bug and other VW model owners get toether at LBJ park by the airport.  They swap cars, parts, show off thier prize Bugs, tell stories and award prizes.  They also take over the campground and its like a three day Bug fest.  Its very colorful, great cars to photograph and interesting characters that go along with the cars.

The new thing is to put different vintage travel things on top of the Bugs, on luggage or surf racks.  And it was all vintage to match the age of the car as if what they had it on top like they were on their way, back in the day.

So, back at the Farmers Market I bought a dozen chocolate chip cookies from Kadi Bakes and was dying to taste one.  I wanted to stop and shoot with my new camera at the Bug fest so thought that would be a perfect excuse to have a cookie and shoot some pictures.  Nobody cared and welcomed you to shoot pictures, so I parked and walked around a little.  With my cookie in one hand and my camera around my neck.  Just in case.

A self portrait holding the cookie.
One of the owners with his built in alarm system in the back.
Here an owner converses with an onlooker describing the renovation.
Another little self portrait and you can see me holding the cookie.

I took my first bite of the cookie and it was like biting into cookie dough cake.  It was really thick, crispy on the outer layer but soft almost like cake on the inside.  And the chocolate was melting under my fingers.  It was the perfect combination and accompaniment, like coffee and a scone or whatever you put with your Starbs.......I walked around the campground, chewing my liciousness, enjoying the color, sounds and people I saw, watched as the lighting became more and more perfect for capturing the romantic side that has captured the owners.  As the sun went down I felt the cool air after a long day.  It was only about 15 minutes, but it was in those 15 minutes that I saw all this......

This red van is probably my dream car.  Love it.  Was dreaming about how I could convert a lime green one, that was El Camino style, with drop down sides into a mobile kitchen.  That would just be incredible.  

Did you notice in my last shot......no more cookie.   Of course I found a few Love, God photos, but will reveal them after I have them watermarked.  I am learning that my work has value and I should protect it with a signature.  I have the smarts of this lady helping me get my act together, cleaning up my blogs, getting my stuff out there into main stream and taking the next step past the "starting line" as Jon Acuff calls it.  I am devouring his book called START.  A must for people getting going in what they love to do recognizing the steps and editing process that comes with it.  I told someone the other night that the next 10 to 15 years could be my most productive years as far as contributing to the family.  That excites me.  More people between the ages of 54 and 75 have reinvented themselves and have start up businesses than ever before in history.  I can see now more clearly the process I have been going through, I go through every day and the process I will continue to go through.

Most people tell you to stop and smell the roses ( you still need to do that).  
Well I say have a cookie and look at some Bugs.  Enjoy.

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