Wednesday, May 2, 2012

31 Day Walk through Radiation: Day 2


  1. Oh, Barbara, I sat here and cried with you as you told of your day. You are so right - it was a "God moment". Don't you love how He gives us those? I know what you mean about the need to just release it and cry sometimes. You crying doesn't bother me a bit - I just blubber right along with ya. You are looking beautiful - just radiant. Look forward to hearing how tomorrow goes. Sleep well tonight.

    1. Jane: God is so good. All the time and certainly is treating me with His presence. It is so strange to be in a world where all I have to really think about is myself. For so long taking care of six kids, a house and my sweet man has all I have thought about. Being in this place too brings back a flood of memories, some really good and some not so good but its all good if you know what I are an angel and I can not wait to meet you face to face.....xoxox

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  3. God I miss you so much!!!

  4. Abundant love for you!! (SQUEEZE) xo


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