Wednesday, May 30, 2012

31 Days thru Raidation: Day 17

This is actually three panels in ceiling above machine.  Nice touch to see His beauty in the midst.

I wanted to give you a peek into my world. When you go and do the same thing everyday for 31 days you start to get to know the people and the surroundings pretty well. In other words you know "the drill". My drill is pretty easy compared to others. When I prayed for the friend on Day 2, I realized I had no room to complain, and all the hope in the world that I will recover and get through this. You don't get to pick which cancer you get when you get it. Somehow, somewhere that is decided beforehand. All the while it is uniquely designed that the doctors get to figure out. Then they uniquely design a protocal that will get IT! If I have to lay topless in the middle of a room in front of strangers, well ok.   I can deal with that. So I go to MDA every day, valet park cause it is free for us going in for treatment for an hour. They have it down where we are in and out of there in an hour.  I call it fast food generation treatment.  There are that many of us in the drive thru line.  I check in which automatically sends my name and time checked in back to technicians letting them know I am there. I walk back to another waiting area for patients and their caregivers that has a television and puzzles and lots of couches and recliners......I then go back to another smaller waiting area that has individual dressing rooms with gowns for all patients to change from the waist up with gown open to the back.....we then all sit sometimes quietly,sometimes chatty with each other discussing everything from treatment to a Luau for someone's brother. The fact is that we are all the same when we sit there waiting. We are all women, all going through treatment, all a little scared, all trying to be brave, all encouraging each other, all working hard to stay positive and all ready to ring the bell (more on that later). We wait for our name to be called then we politely take our leave, drop all phone conversations and jump up to take our licks. Treatment doesn't hurt while it happens. You don't see the beams going through your body. You do hear the machine working and beeping. Some like to have music playing, but I request for quiet.....they have big fans and loud air conditioning (just like I like), it's freezing everywhere (I don't like to be cold but loathe being stuffy).  It is like a big box fan and for me that is like a drug. Puts me out like a light. So sometimes I actually nap, yes nap, while I am on the table. Or I go to some far away place praising God for life.  My life.  Then when I am done, about 20 mins, I get up, walk out, get dressed and go.  Pretty simple yet pretty complicated and high tech.  I pray every day each unique case would be addressed and handled just as Jesus takes care of us as if we are the only person there to be saved.

The form I lay on, hard as a rock, that holds my arm in place and up over my head during treatments.

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31 Day Walk thru Radiation: Day 7&8

Have had a little trouble uploading so this is a bit delayed.....will keep working at it. Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms.

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O Lord

Won't You buy me a Mercedes Benz? And that is just what He has done. We have owned a used Mercedes before in our lifetime, so consider myself blessed to have driven one. Very nice. Very spoiled. We are able to be blessed again. God totally provided a smooth ride for me to be doing all this driving, a comfortable coach, a handsfree safety valve, and a beautiful material thing in my life right now. I feel as though He is treating me like a queen providing things that I never would be able to acquire on my own. Like the unselfish attitude of Esther God shows me how unselfish He can be and is with me. In v. 14 chapter 4, "For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance of the Jews will arise from another place, but you and our father's family will perish. And who knows, but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" I feel like He as placed me in a position to share. I don't know what God will do next, but I am liking His choices for me so far......even the hard ones are doable and bearable. I hope and pray like Esther and Mordecai, I will use words of authority according to His word. Words of goodwill and assurance to establish these days. I want to work for the good of the people and speak up for the welfare of all......and if He gives me a Mercedes to do it in.......Hallelujah! From the place where I am staying, like a palace, to the people I encounter at MD Anderson, to now the car I am driving, God is good all the time. Such a spoiled brat thing......I have been spoiled all my life not only by my family, but by God. How thankful I am that my eyes can be opened, the scales lifted and the veil torn just for me. Opening not only my eyes but also my heart to more and more of what He desires for me. What a blessing to be loved, saved and spoiled by God. He is opening up my memory and showing me Himself, proving to me over and over ( not that He needs to but He does it cause He loves me), and bringing to my remembrance every time how He has been there for me. Every time He has blessed me and how He will continue to bless my life.....over and over. O Lord You bought me a Mercedes Benz! Love, God.

31 Day Walk through Radiation MD Anderson: Day 4 Motion is Lotion

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