Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love, God

I am so excited to share with you the publishing of my new book Love, God. I have had this book in my mind for so long and now it is here.  I have already started collected for Love, God II.  It is like these little hearts find their way to me. They jump out all over the place reminding me that there is nothing that can separate me for the Love of God.  I stop and acknowledge they caught my eye by thanking God each time.  Some I do not Photograph.  He is putting love, His Love first in the forefront of my mind.  Right in front of my eyes.  Reassuring me He is with me every step of my walk, every step of my journey, every step of my story.  His glory story.
Thank you to everyone who has commented and encouraged me along the way to publish, to write, to photograph to bless others.  Your words of hope, faith, enrichment, and wisdom has made this piece possible.  Motion is lotion I once heard from a wise mentor so I kept moving forward.  There is way more that goes into a book than I realized and I have learned a great deal in the process.  Don't worry I got help.  Modisett & Co. are my behind the scenes peeps and I am so thankful God crossed our paths.
Most of all I want to thank God.......do you ever wonder why people put their "most of all's" at the end of things like this.......why is it not at the beginning.  I do it all the time.  Thanking God is so not enough.  If it wasn't for Him this would not exist.  He would have used someone else to relay these.  We learn from one another and I am learning from Him.  What a gift that connects me to my heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe.  I think that right there is so why me measly thank you is not enough. But I say it anyway.  Thank you God for all our many blessings.  Praise you in this book, praise you in my life, praise you in our world.

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