Thursday, February 2, 2012


This certainly is not my second day of chemo but it is my second day of this series. I will have to go back and you to bear with me as I recount some of my early days starting chemo. As if I am some pro now. As I read my journal entries I read even then God was providing information to every detail to every question. He has met my every need through the initial shock of the news, the surgery and the thought of chemo. I read that before my surgery my eye was twitching so bad I could hardly keep it open. Needing rest. The past two days my eye has been twitching again. Again. Much needed rest is needed. Five days into it and God was teaching overtime showing me Himself in the midst of the storm.
Yesterday I rested all day. I had no energy except to eat, do dishes, a load of laundry, empty trash, make our bed and go back to sleep. Way out of my comfort zone in that I normally don't stop moving. All my major joints ache, my eye twitching won't stop and my head is pounding. I sat in the sun yesterday and it zapped me, but in a good way. It warmed my face, neck and body filling it with much needed vitamins. Such good medicine for me and my soul. I listened to a symphony of birds let out of winter who were serenading me as I walked the yard. It was divine.
Stretching and swaying, reaching and moving for motion is lotion.


  1. You know Barbara I envy the reflection of your journey, I know I would not appreciate as you do unless I was under such strain. The very little things we all take for granted. Two examples: When I had my daughter and the first time I took time away from her to just relax by a pool I felt as though I had been dipped in honey while wet in the sun 2) I recall reading a collection of favorite things remembered from a group of seniors. My favorite was a memory of sitting with her mom on the porch on a rainy day. How sweet is that. I love your post and we, as family in Christ travel this together. Katie F.

  2. Katie you are so great. Thank you for your sweet words that are , too, like honey to my lips. It is a glorious feeling when we stop and take time with God and ourselves. It Is amazing. Thanks for reading. Love, b†

  3. Rest is so necessary sometimes. I'm glad you gave in to the need and let your body have that down time. Rest and renew!


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