Friday, February 24, 2012

Bliss Queendom

Very rarely do you go somewhere and you really do feel like royalty. This week I have been in Nashville. One of my other places I could live. I have family here so being with them feels like home to me.
Traveling and recovering from surgery last week, toting a wound vac for a week through hotels, trade shows and airports, attending one of the most wonderful conferences for women around, I walk. Offering up opportunity for grace to be shared, expressions of creativity explored and doted over like a newborn, and loving every minute of Blissdom. Why is it we get these opportunities to explore what God had intended for us all along. To understand the meaningness of connection and how that all works to glroify Him.
A sweet woman of God approached me last night as I sipped on a Sam Adams. Yes after yesterday it tasted really good. We were part of the Handmade Market Place with Blissdom. It was incredible but lots of work. I was pooped. As she approached I felt guilty I was having a beer, but even I like a cold beer every once in a while. She began by introducing herself but I was so wrapped up in my head about me holding the beer I did not catch her entire name. Such self centered narrow mindedness I was having.......As she shared with me how my blog had ministered to her as her sister had died in December of Leuikemia. Complimenting my "out there" attitude in my walk through treatment. She said it helps her understand how her sister must have felt. She has been following the journey since the beginning. I was so blessed by her grace, her strength and posture after losing what was obviously a precious part of her life. She turned and was gone.
I missed such an opportunity to connect with one of God's creations who loves because I was so wrapped up in my own silliness. So if you are this person reading this now, please email or twitter me and let me find you again. I have been looking for you all day.....I know God will bring us together before I leave for another year.
Thanks to Blissdom we met, thanks be to God.


  1. Thank you for bringing the tears for the second night!! I love you!!!


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