Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New YOU Year!

photograph taken by Jessica Lorren Photography
I am starting another series I am calling Happy New YOU Year.  Often times we make resolutions we can not keep which makes us not happy. We promise things we really can not and sometimes even know ahead of time we can not keep them, which again makes us not happy. And too many times we start a New Year off not so happy, so decide nothing will change, so resolve just to stay that way......not happy.  I will admit it is a hard time of the year for many people and not discounting that at all.
This year I want to focus on Joy.  Not just a happy joy, buy a deep rooted sense of joy that can only come from our Father.  In my opinion happiness is a temporal and exterior emotion that is fleeting.  Joy comes from within with an endless supply line straight to the Father.   To learn what "His joy will be my strength" really is like and how do I apply that to my life?  A Joy that even in disappointments will rise up covering all hurts and anxiousness.  The Joy that surpasses all understanding where the only thing left to do is laugh.  We are all just a bunch of walking wounded trying to find the combination for happiness, right?  Without sounding to cliche' joy starts with JesUS.  Jesus + US.  Many sites and well known scholars teach that happiness, joy and contentment starts with US, but without the JES in front of that word, is like the JO without the Y.  In order for there to be more of it in our world people need to see it in my life.  If I don't have it in the first place then all I have to ask for it denying self rule establishing heavenly reign allowing  Joy, in and through my life.  To think that I could be, am and want to be a vessel for His Joy excites me for what He will accomplish.  That He would consider me as His ambassador, His messenger, His catalyst, His seed of potential and accomplice to achieve His goal.  JOY!  When I am in the "midst of thee", His direction puts me on the road that leads to Joy.  He is not only about Joy, He is Joy.  Joy makes up the very fabric and character of His being.  Now, who would not want that, and why so much resistance to His presence and Joy?
So I am on the hunt for Joy.  I will keep a watchful eye grabbing onto Joy whenever I can.  I had a UPS man tell me once, "You always seem to have a smile on your face".  I really like to smile at people and perhaps it is the overflowing amount of Joy I feel most of the time that keeps my mouth in an upward turn.  I like to keep things looking up, thinking positively about most situations, trusting in the process for His Joy in the outcome, and striving for Joy in every situation.  A bit too rose colored glasses for some, but for me it works.   Before I speak or think that I have some earthly wisdom that everyone needs to hear about, I will turn to Joy, I will seek Joy and I know I will find it.
Call it a resolution, call it a declaration or just call it a calling.   This year I want to understand fully the fullness, the indwelling and the superior reign of His Joy and how to share it with others.  I hope you will join me on this journey and walk, share it with others who might also enjoy reading and peruse Joy with me, together as it only takes one of us to bring Joy to the world.
As I said goodnight and Happy New Year last night to my sweet adorable husband, he whispered in the dark......"2012 bring it on!"  That will be my New You this Happy Year!

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