Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blissdom12 One Night Giveaway


  1. How incredibly thoughtful of you! I continue to hear women speak about the blessing of attendance that they have received, and how they are now paying it forward. It's an awesome thing to hear, and it makes me look forward to being able to do that one day.

    This will be my first year at Blissdom, and this is my second blogging conference. I was initially happy to be attending because I was excited about the blogging knowledge I would get. Now, I'm even more excited because I realize how much more this conference is about.

    As a mom and wife to an ex-Navy guy, I have given so much of myself to my family for the past several years, happily of course, but I've lost myself. If I ever even really found myself; I'm only 30... At any rate, starting my blog has slowly led me to a place where I'm doing something for me, but I think Blissdom will be the icing on that cake. I have been working hard saving money from a side job I have to pay for everything, but that isn't very much, so I'd love the opportunity to win this.

    No matter if I win or not, I'm glad to have found you! I'm off to poke around your site!! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

    1. You are so welcome and I look forward to meeting you there. Please message me on FB when you are there and we can meet up. It is an exciting time to be going and I will pray God provides a way. Be sure and tune in on Mon to the show and your name will go in the hat. My daughter is married to a Marine Corp pilot and lives in NC. I know how dedicated you are as a wife.
      Take care and see you there.


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