Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9 Step 9 Preparation & Purging

I am not sure anyone is prepared for when a doctor walks in and says, "It's ...fill in the blank . In God's Word He asks us to be prepared to give an answer with regards to our faith and the things of the Lord. I think I do a pretty good job at that and if I don't know the answer I look it up. I had no preparation for that day July 7th 2011 when I was told I had breast cancer, told a lumpectomy was probably not an option, that because of my timeline we could do surgery in five days to give me more time for recovery before my daughters wedding, told I should take both breasts cause 1 in 4 women get it again in the other, told if it was in my nodes it would be the kitchen sink for treatment, told I would not die (that was a highlight), told it would be a year long process and told that my faith would carry me through. The last statement was the one I held onto. God says our faith alone saves us and it only takes a mustard seed amount of faith. Well I knew I had more than a mustard seed so felt blessed and assured. Still scary, yet felt somehow prepared in facing the unknown. Some of it was the confidence in my doctors, confidence in my family, but mostly the confidence I have in God, that He is who He says He is and He can do what He says He can do. I felt like God orchecstrated events leading up to this event that prepared me to be able to prepare my heart and be prepared for this road ahead....basically prepared to give an answer. He showed me over the years what health, nutrition and supplements can do so that when the time came, for such a time as this, my learning curve would not be as great encouraging me on confidently, without hesitation. Dr. Gonzalez dot com at his clinic says, "don't make cancer your life move on with your life".
So the preparation was in place now came the purging of self, of the known, of things in my life that I had put off purging. I think purging is more of an ongoing process than a one time deal. If we are not constantly pruning and purging our lives, minds and thoughts bringing them to the likeness of Christ then we stay stagnant and you know what happens to things when they become stagnant......they stink. Along with purging my stinking thinking about many things God was purging misconceptions I had about Him. Thank goodness. Finding God in everything about this walk requires purging, cleaning out, massive cleansing on my part to allow room for Him, His Holy Spirit to take up residence. Well not only was I looking inward I began to look around my house realizing....there were closets to be had. So I am using this time to purge junk I conceded to live with just as I chose to live the life I was living thinking I was immune....none of us are immune to the wilds of the enemy, but there are HUGE things we can be doing in our lives that can make a difference in the long run for the long haul.
I started filling my mind and body with nutrients it needed that would promote life taking away the things, sugar, wheat and dairy for starters, that would take away from longevity. It has been a great soil preparation for this new way of life I will be commencing from this point forward. Taking what God has prepared and purging forward reaping the benefits across the board. Welcoming new life as I feed my body, mind and spirit that which it was created to consume, learning how duped we are about a great deal of things, and embracing the joy in the discovery.

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