Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6 Step 6 Pushing Through

Today is day four after second round of chemo. Typically days three and four are the hardest for me. It has been somewhat textbook each time. Granted I have only had chemo twice, but this is how it has been. The good news is I am half way done with the worst part. Yes! So I can push on. Pushing on thorugh the hard parts of life are what build tenacity, grit and character. Not sure I want to do any character building at te moment but at any rate it happens if we allow it. If we go against it, the pruning, the building then we really make things much harder for ourselves. It is ok to have moments of not wanting to go with the flow, of not wanting to really show up for chemo (oops I forgot), or coming face to face with something about yourself you know in your heart is true, but you have not wanted to face it. My question is why do I, we, think that going into a hard place where we know we will have to push through that we will be doing it alone? I know my God says He will never forsake me or leave me, so why do I allow myself to feel so alone? Push through. Do I not think God already knew ahead of time. To quote my sweet friend Lorraine Lemon with Art 2 Heart "God long looks, seeing everyday coming and nothing catches Him by surprise. He gives us a meal to match that journey."
I push through this hard couple days knowing tomorrow I have opportunity.
I push through because He encourages to keep our eyes on the prize which is Christ Jesus.
I push thorugh so that I live through all the days of my life.
I push through for there are people I still need to meet.
I push through this God appointed lifestyle trusting He sees my ability and willingness to go.

Carry on my wayward son, there will be peace when you are done, carry on my wayward son, don't you cry no more.

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  1. Love this blog... and Kansas... is a CPA dad! Dino Elefante! Thinking of you, sweet Barbara. Stacy Ross


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