Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3 Step 3 Keep it Simple

I have a dear friend I met in Colorado who mothered me when my mother passed.   God sent her in my path to model mothering, joy, parenting, peace and marriage.  Her motto was "Keep it Simple" especially when it came to the things of God.  She would say that we complicate things too much and God is so simple.  She is right in so many ways.  She is such a sweet friend whom God sent to mother me when my own could  not.
One of the areas I saw that needed some attention was my habit to accumulate piles of papers and just stuff. Part of my habit to have a healthier regime work in my favor is to keep life simple, but what I found out was that other areas were not so simple and were cluttered with things that made it feel our of order. I think we are creatures who crave order because God is a God of order and that is how He created us. Wouldn't you agree that things run more peacefully, more smoothly when there is an order? After my surgery I began simplifying my desk area. For starters I only really like to write with felt tip pens, so I took out all pens and markers and mechanical pencils and only have felt tip pens, #2 pencils and sharpies in my desk. It a simple step but so freeing.

Also, I made a bold step and chopped off my hair and went platinum blonde right after my first bag of chemo in anticipation of hair loss and to simplify its maintenance. Again very freeing. I started the new edition of Breaking Free by Beth Moore bible study in preparation of teaching at Christian Womens Job Corp. Even though I have taught this study several times, revisiting it and areas different than before, again liberating. Then the hair started falling out so again, wanted to simplify so asked my husband to shave my head just to get it over with. Again not that hard and very uplifting. This time at home as given me time to not just live with the clutter, but really do something about it. Make things the way I want them that ultimately will bring some peace in the way I go about my day. Isn't that what God wants for us? "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you" John 14:27
My husband is a master at this. I love this about him. He helps me all the time by making a sweep through. Why I am unable to do it myself is beyond me, but sometimes we just need a gentle push or example to get us going. This week....the pantry will be set free.

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  1. Oh, my! I am so glad to see someone else has clutter in the kitchen! I love the point you make about simplifying and "freeing" up the things that weigh us down. It strikes a chord deep inside me because I so desire that Peace that comes from letting go of "stuff"! Motivating post, Barbara!!!


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