Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 28&29 Step 28&29 Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Chips Chips

I only have two more days of this 31 day Walk to Wellness and I miss a day?  Sticking to a challenge and forming a habit should for most only take 21 days......well it seems like it takes longer for me.  Some of my absent mindedness can be blamed on chemo brain (cb's), but this challenge has been good for me in lots of different ways.  For starters it has taught me how much I depend on spell check....Yikes!   It has encouraged me to write every day and that is something I really like to do.  Secondly, it has confirmed in my what I already knew, but need to hear and practice again and again.  And finally, it has connected me with my readers unlike before I started and that has been fun for me to see what  speaks to you and what doesn't.   At any rare I appreciate your comments, your candor, and your faithfulness even when I miss a our Father in heaven you remain faithful.
If you were a faithful follower of Saturday Night Live (SNL) as we all were when it first came out and because we did not have much else to do on a Saturday night you might remember the sketch with Dan Akroid and John Bellushi where they were cooks in a small diner type place where all they served was cheeseburger, chips and Pepsi.  They would shout it out "cheeseburger cheeseburger chips chips pepsi pepsi".  I know you remember it.  It was hilarious.  People tried to order different stuff and they said "no hamburger just cheeseburger"......Our topic today is not cheeseburgers, but how the Western world ignores the potentially cheap complementary therapy......stopping cancer in the kitchen.  While cheeseburgers, milk shakes, sugar teas, sticky buns and french fries are some of what is pushed among doctors (ie...just go to the cafe on the bottom floor at MD Anderson of the Maze Clinic and see for yourself) so as not to lose weight or too much during treatment for fear of the legitimate cachexia.  The World Health Organization is quite clear that 70% of all cancers can be attributed to poor diet.  I would have to say the 30 pounds I have lost since my diagnosis was 30 pound I needed to pitch.  I really have never felt better and I do have that to be thankful for.  I did not need to be carrying around that extra poundage that put stress on everything.  I have talked about cutting out dairy, sugar and wheat from your diet for lots of reasons.  The human body can not assimilate cows milk unless it is in its raw form which is not bad for you by the way.  I discovered, I should say we ( my health expert friend Emma Cohen who does give consultations btw) a yogurt that has the raw milk in it called Dreaming Cow a New Zealand style artisan yogurt.  Did not know they are turning yogurt into an art form but what the is made with Grade A non-homogenized grass fed (key word) with active cultures.  I am going to be taught how to make a spread with this like a mayonnaise and dressing.  Watch for it on Madre's Kitchen.
Cutting out the sugar, even when health experts say that sugar is good for you, is key to blocking growth in cancer cells.  Harvard, UCLA and MD Anderson have all done clinical trials which you can find on Cancer Watch website that say the highest levels of cancer occur in people with the highest levels of blood glucose (common sugar).  There are lots of different types of sugar.  Fructose, sucrose, plant sugars, and polysaccharides that aid your immune defense, and intra and inter cellular messaging (which is the type I have Her2 that has radio towers to call all cancers.....think we can get them to talk to ATT?) But common or garden variety glucose is equal to a chemical toxin.  Fact!  We should be keeping our blood glucose levels to a minimum if we want to beat cancer.  Another point why sugars should be eliminated.  Your liver, immune and lymph systems will be blocked by animal and saturated fats. Your liver is your center of detoxification. It plays a major role in your energy supplies to the cells and in your immune system.  Its health is crucial to the survival of a cancer patient.  But when the liver (say of a cancer patient) is  'full' or clogged up with dead cancer cells, maybe dead yeasts and bacteria, cholesterol, cancer drug chemicals and lactic acid, it is grossly overworked.  These block the bile ducts and prevent the liver cleansing itself easily.  If your liver is blocked, you stagnate your while immune system.  That is what happens in cancer treatment patients called cachexia.  They start to lose enormous amounts of weight, have no energy and just can't move......I have lost weight but I have so much energy it has amazed me.
Eating more fats especially those in cheeseburgers you will clog up your liver even more which messes up your good glucose levels and weakens your whole immune and detoxification system.  Furthermore, the lymph system, the home to your white immune cells, the liquid that takes toxins away from cells and nourishment into them, also get clogged up with fat and simple doesn't work as well.  Growth hormones?  The NCI in the USA has shown clearly that dairy, through insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) in implicated in cellular proliferation, metabolic change and even cancer itself.  Many cancer and nutrition experts recommend consuming no cows dairy or saturated fats at all for this reason. You simply do not need to add a cows' growth hormone into your body.
This is not to put the scare in anyone, but to open blinded eyes and the falsities we have been 'fed' by the FDA, some doctors and other health givers that refuse to see, more because of money driven sales of drugs etc, the importance of diet and nutritional supplements.  We as a people have to create the change that will be necessary, demanding they take notice of what it is we are wanting and drive sales in that direction for them to sit up and take notice and put their money.  What is it that God says about money?
Heb 13:5 "Keep your life free from the love of money, and be content with what you have".  He has given us everything we need in the world He has created and in our bodies to defend.  We do need some help and supplements because of the world WE have created.
Tomorrow will be a diet for chemotherapy but really a diet for anyone........

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  1. It is so difficult to convince my sweet husband (now a Type 2 Diabetic) of all of this. I will keep trying. And keep buying raw milk, buying organic as much as I can, cutting down the meat in our lives, and serving as much fruit and vegetables as I can.

    Thanks for this informative post.

    Praying for you.


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