Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23 Step 23 H2O

Jesus invites those who know their need, those who are poor in spirit (cf. Mt 5:3), to take the initiative and come to him and drink (v. 37). Drinking refers to believing (cf. v. 38), which means aligning oneself with him, trusting him, receiving his teaching and obeying his commands. Such faith will enable one to receive the Spirit and enter an abiding relationship with Christ after his glorification. All of this is based on who God is and what he has done for us. When we believe we open our hands to receive what his grace offers--we come and drink.  Jesus who brings God's gracious offer of life.
The human body is composed of about two-thirds water. Water is in our blood, muscle tissue, bone marrow, lower layers of our skin, in our fatty tissues, as well in our stomachs. Water is the body’s lubrication and helps in its movement and function. Without water we’d be nothing more than dried bones and skin, and wouldn’t even exist. The average adult needs approximately one quart of water per day to prevent the onset of dehydration.
Our bodies need water.  It is the main stay of our existence besides air.  It is vital to our ability to live.  Drinking enough water every day is as important as what we eat if not more so.  We can go without food, but we can not go for too long without water......when we deprive ourselves of water we deplete our ability to process food, function mentally and stay alive.  I know I am guilty of going a day without water drinking teas, juices or other liquids that really don't measure up.  Our bodies function better with water.  Perhaps it is the key.  I know it helps with headaches, digestion, mental function, sleep, energy and a whole lot more.  Our belief in God comes from "drinking in" where we align ourselves, trust and obey gives us greater opportunities to understand our relationship with the Father.  When water is introduced into our diet as a main source of fluid our ability to understand and recognize when things are right, by the way we feel, the energy we have and our general makeup, our "diets" will greatly be improved.

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