Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 Step 2

The second step is like a game plan. Sometimes we jump the gun starting a new regime. Sometimes paradigm changes and we are forced to make changes. Sometimes we come along side another's journey and agree to fully understand what they are going through. For whatever reason you are ready for change embrace it not only as a lifestyle but for a lifetime. I lost count of all the health regimes I started, believed in and went for wholeheartedly, but after a while they soon became more of a burden then a relief. I encourage you to examine those other regimes you may have tried, see what worked for you and what did not, and what you liked and disliked about them. Write it down, read it, examine it, weigh the options and decide what to keep for yourself.
Being diagnosed with breast cancer I immediately knew that many things needed to change. Temporary was not an option anymore, it had to be permanent changes to keep cancer at bay. I turned to the internet, friends, books, and my doctor for advice, making my list to examine. I was setting up a game plan. I knew many things that it would need to include, but wanted to know more without it being something that was unrealistic for my lifestyle. At the same time, if the best thing for me is to juice six times a day, guess what I will adapt.  One of the best resources in books I have found that yes, talks about cancer, but I think can be applied to healthy lifestyles is Patrick Quinlan's book "Beating Cancer with Nutrition"  My point is when choosing a regime independently from a medical issue make sure it fits your lifestyle or that you can adapt your lifestyle to the new regime. Be realistic.
For me juicing has been a part of my eating for a long time, so when juicing was named a big proponent to fighting cancer I pulled my old juicer out.   I have owned a Champion juicer for over 20 years and have dabbled with it for months at a time then would put it away. Some of it was the putting away and pulling out of the machine.  Now I have made room for it and keep it out like the coffee machine and the toaster. Another change, I am scheduling to have reverse osmosis water put in where my sprayer is at my sink.  Also, I asked my doctor what kind of supplements I should and could take before during and after chemo.  A list of them is in my archive post here "Saying No to Chemo" .  I have cut sugar, which feeds cancer, dairy and wheat almost completely out of my diet. Those were my first initial steps that were drastic enough to kick start, encourage me with results right away, and really made me feel so much better. There is a song by Amy Grant  (click to listen) that says ,"I have decided to live like a believer, turn my back on the deceiver, I'm gonna live what I believe." You have to decide to believe in your regime and turn your back on the belief or lie that you are not capable. The human body can do so much more than we give it credit for, food for and insight for. What will your game plan look like? Map it out. See you tomorrow.

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