Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 16 Step 16 Spirit is Strong Flesh is Weak

Ok Ok I know I missed a step. How often do we all miss a step. Well this challenge of writing every day is not as easy as I thought. I promised and I did not keep it. How often do I promise and not keep my promise? Too often I am sorry to say. How often do I let my Savior down by not keeping my word to Him. That is why I knew I needed to do this new lifestyle not on my own, but with His help and help from others.....cause my spirit is strong but my flesh is so weak. I need all the help I can get. I want and strive to be a promise keeper.
So in order to prepare my body for chemo and what was about to happen I cut out dairy, sugar and wheat. I really focused on the sugar because sugar feeds cancer. I did not want to feed any cancer that MIGHT still be in my body. So I pulled out my old juicer and started juicing three times a day. Immediately I felt the results. I felt less puffy, more energy and less bloated. It was amazing. What I love about juicing is that your body responds to it so quickly. And lets face it folks, we are a fast food generation.....we want it now and we want it fast. I also know that anything that will last for any length of time needs to be given the right amount of time. I knew from the get go that cancer brings on an entire new meaning to change in lifestyle. That was a given. What I love about juicing is that you get results fast. So I bought organic, ate as organic as I could reintroducing lots of green into my diet and juiced. Whenever I needed to eat something I would just juice. I ate smaller meals more often which really is the way we are suppose to eat. I began to notice that I was eating less and getting full quicker. I was not requiring the BIGGIE size I was so used to. We really eat way to much.
My favorite juice is the apple carrot spinach. Carrot ends up being the base vegetable for all my juicing. I add ginger, spinach, kale, parsnip, beets and lots of combination of those. You can find many recipes online for juicing. The Gerson Diet is really a good one to look at for basic recipes. The main thing guys is to eat LIVE food not dead food. I walked through the grocery store after my surgery and just saw the word CANCER on every thing on the shelves. Much of it is dead food. So I cleaned out my pantry, replaced everything in there with live food and O I love my pantry now. I know where everything is and there is nothing in there first that would really tempt me and second that I know I really should not eat. That is comforting in itself.
So start juicing which will help clean out the body, expand your taste buds, and give you more energy. I felt like I was giving my body, my temple where Jesus lives, exactly what I should have been giving it for many years. Because of my weak flesh I would never stick to the regime. Sometimes it takes a wake up call to realize what is best for you.

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