Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14 Step 14 The Fog Lifted

With cooler temperatures comes fog.  I actually love seeing the landscapes around here when there is fog. With the different elevations you get to see the fog from various locations and perspectives.  It does make it difficult to drive sometimes, but all you have to really do is just slow down.
That is what needed to happen when I started gathering material for this new lifestyle regime of mine.  I needed to just slooooow down a bit and wait for the fog to clear.  There is so much information out there, so many sweet people giving their advice, so many books to read, blogs to visit and people I was meeting.  Can you say FOG HORN!?

I still am having to sift through bit by bit as if I were crawling along. At the same time God brings forth people and information just at the right time when I need to hear it.  For instance.  Just before my hair was falling out I noticed it started getting stiff, unmanageable and coarse.  Then I went to William Sonoma to get some gluten free flour, I know I can get it other places but was there so got some.  The sales lady asked if I were on a gluten free diet.  I told her I was walking through breast cancer treatment. She said, "O I am nine years out".  We got to talking and she asked what kind of treatment etc I was on. She told me my hair would fall out and that it would hurt before it did, that the actual weight of my hair would hurt my head.  About a week later I would run my fingers through my hair and handfuls of hair would come out so I knew it was time to shave it off.  It really did hurt.

So I shaved it off. Then last night most of the rest of it fell out after I rubbed my hair drying it with a towel.  Like a break through and the lifted fog my head looked not that bad.  It was ok....cold, but ok.  So I am a hat and scarf girl. Can't do the wig thing I don't think.....just not for me.

Vintage mink hat.....ooolala
Sassy with my glasses.

What I have learned is that our outward appearance is so temporal and overrated.   We are always looking and trying to improve the way we look when really its like the fog for when it burns off, though beautiful in it's own right, it reveals a beauty from underneath and within.  In the next days ahead I will begin to share with you my regime that is working for me that really could be adapted to a person looking for better took the fog however to roll in, hang in the balance, cover and fill all spaces to wake me up.  A bump in the road that slowed me down long enough to wait and begin to understand the joy within that              comes when the fog lifts.  Most of us walk around in a fog.  
Let the Son burn off what has been there all along.  Beauty.

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