Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It Takes a Village

The quote of the week I believe was "It takes a village".  This expression comes from several sources.  Hilary Rodham Clinton wrote a book with this title that focuses on the impact individuals and groups have, for better or worse, on a child's well-being, and advocates a society which meets all of a child's needs, at least according to Wikipedia.  Jane Cowen-Fletcher also wrote a book with this title and I found it on Bing and Google.    It Takes a Village is also  non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to reduce health and social disparities among people of color in the Denver/Aurora Colorado area.  It is also the title of an urban water management and planning commission.  It is also an organization that if you work for a nonprofit and need software training, web site services or technology assistance, you have come to the right place at www.ittakesavillage.org .  There is even a cookbook.  It is also a "traditional" African proverb,  a common phrase that is now being used to the point of cliche used by and counted as a favorite saying of the late Ted Kennedy.  Some have even said it's origin is Native American, while others contribute it to be Nigerian in "My Soul Looks Back".
What I found is a bunch of different people, a "village" group of people,  working together to find answers to where its origins originated on H-Africa Net .  Wherever it comes from it is true.  It really does take a village sometimes to accomplish something for the good of another.  It takes all hands on deck to seize the moment that captures time in a frame.  Working shoulder to shoulder, side by side, hand in hand learning grace and mercy along the way.  Everyone has a way of doing things and when you mix and mesh together gifts from above the outcome should only bring joy.
This past weekend was New Years.  It also was my niece's wedding and I was asked to do her flowers and decorate for the reception.  I knew it was going to be a big job.  I knew I was going to need help and help is what I got.  From my sister's hands to my son in law's,  from my husband to my daughters, from grandmothers,  aunts and uncles to special friends of the family, to people I have yet to meet who offered houses for us all to stay in while they were out of town.  It took all of this and a whole lot more to pull this wedding event off.  I knew there were certain things I would have to do on my own, but I also knew I could not have accomplished many of the things I wanted to without "my village".  Even though this picture is blurry it captures the essence of this event not uncommon of other events that took place that same evening all over the world.  Though it was a common event that took place, it was not the norm for those of us who don't do it every weekend.  It took every bit of all the people you see and don't see to pull it off.  This photograph taken by one of my daughters captures the energy, the life giving force, the excitement, the blessings to come of this new union and adventure that is about to begin at the end of this reception send off line.
God, Son and Holy Spirit wants to be that village for us too.   He wants to go on our adventures with us and be the life giving force as He blesses us when we union with Him.  Partnering up with Him is not the end of the line, it is the beginning.   Working side by side, shoulder to shoulder in the daily grind and not just in crisis times.  My ability to accomplish what I did relied solely on my ability to work in tandem with Him and not independently on my own.  At several times while I was decorating I looked up at the huge clocks at either end of the three story lobby at Union Station where the reception was and asked God to multiply my time.  I felt like Cinderella having to keep my eye on the clock.  He did multiply my time, I got it all done, got dressed and even beat my own family to the church.  Miracle!  Yes He does exist, He is my village peeps and I couldn't have done it without Him.......or any of the others that gave me their hands, their talents and their time.

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  1. Hi there! I'm your newest follower and I've just nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. You deserve it. Your blog is lovely! Check out the guidelines and grab the button on my post if you'd like to accept: http://www.cottageandcreek.com/Blog-Archive.aspx?id=617&cat=Life.

    Thanks for your uplifting words and for giving God the glory He so deserves as we live our lives for Him. He is so faithful ... always.


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