Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visions Dance in Their Heads

I'm dreaming.......of the one I love.  I'm wishing....for my one true love.  I am dreaming and wishing I could say this is a picture of my tree......but it's not.  It is a picture take a few years ago when we all went to Disney World at Christmas time to meet up with Chandler's basketball team who was playing in a tournament there.  We went to the Christmas Choir performance and it was incredible.  This was one of the many trees around Disney World and on the stage that night.  I just thought it was pretty the way they had it lit like it glows.  I think this is how we think our trees are suppose to be......perfect.

Not quite like Disney's but this is the first year I have sort of done a themed tree.  I sent my husband out and daughter to get another pre-lit tree which we have to have due to allergies.  When they came back it was a much narrower than trees we have had in years past.  They thought I was upset it was smaller, but actually I think I felt liberated.  I was not sure how we would put all our ornaments on the tree.  Then the light went off in my head......I don't have to put them all on I can put on the ones I want to and maybe do a certain color and or themed tree.  O my, it was like a deliverance from a mindset that my tree had to look a certain way.  And.......and I got it decorated so much faster.....I used white, silver, crystal, gold and a little bit of blue ornaments.....I used some of the decorations I used for my daughters wedding like the white hydrangea, feathers beaded wire glitter adornments and I think it turned out really nice........
This visions of what our tree will look like dance in our heads, the details of Christmas all crammed in like sardines waiting to come to fruition all at once and in about an hour poof its gone and done.  It is in the small details that God wants to reside. Love is a gift.  His Love is our free gift.  He cares so much about our visions and dreams.  Yet, if we were to tell others those visions and dreams they may seem silly to them, they may discourage you from persuing them, but when you know that God has put them there, when you give them to Him and ask for His glory to shine through all those dreams ( cause lets be honest here.....He is the One that gives us the visions and dreams to start with) then you know He's got your back, He will be your strength, He will be your guide and your Rock upon whom you may stand when the going gets tough.  Life gets hard, but we stand firm and push harder.  With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
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  1. I love your "themed" tree, it's really beautiful. The feathers are fun, never thought I'd say that.

  2. I Like that when I was reading it I was like dang you concetrated that hard on a theme for a tree then I kept read and I understood what you point was it the visions... ( cause lets be honest here.....He is the One that gives us the visions and dreams to start with)<----And I struggle when I come to this cause I keep thinking my minds crazy at times and when I do get vision I say to my self that it's a fantasy...and I know it's the Lord but my Faith at times is Low and I have I'll start telling a friend about them and she get's after me and tells me Why can't I trust in him...Love this and The tree is AWESOME...MARIA

  3. Your tree is amazing. The feathers and fans looks wonderful!


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