Friday, December 17, 2010

One2One Network & Blissdom 2011

One2One Badges

One2One is not one of those things that your find and forget.  It is one of those social media phenomenons that finds you when you post a lot about giving.  And most importantly it is one of those networks that really makes sense, works for the benefit of others and never lets go of your heart.  I am hoping that through my awareness, my blogging about and coming to a greater understanding of what they do it will get me closer to a greater ability to give back and of course hopeful of winning a trip to Blissdom 2011.
Tis the season for giving that is for sure and many and all charities are calling and getting their last minute requests out to make year ends quota.  Tis the season at One2One Network is more than just a season its a lifestyle of giving to help others.  It is helping others get in the mindset of giving back all year long and not just seasonally.  They "ignite conversation and spread awareness" for others about all different kinds of charities, brands, ways, collaborative efforts, opportunities to achieve and give and getting people connected in ways unlike before.
This past month and a half I was asked again to be an Ambassador for Macy's Department Stores and their new campaign for the season Heart of Haiti items sold in the stores.  It was another opportunity to give a gift that gives back. I really enjoy the people I met and got to talk to when I am involved with this sort of thing.  And I know whatever I am doing is making a difference in someone's life somewhere in the world.  That is the part I love best.  With six children I have had limited time to volunteer and give back of my time.  Most of my giving back has had to do with their lives and activities.  But, I have volunteered at a local Christian Women's Job Corp in Kerr County helping women achieve their goals, heal broken hearts and lead women to the One who knows them the best, Jesus.  I have volunteered in my local church singing and leading worship as well as teaching bible study.  I am helping to raise money for a local family whose 14 year old daughter has recurring Leukemia, by selling bracelets made by women in the Philippines through Threads of Hope that helps give back twice.  One to the family and one back to the women.  I also am partnering with Soles4Souls, 2 Minutes to Greatness, and 147 Million with my online tv show called Madre Minutes that airs twice a week on MomTV and Mingle Media TV.  I am hoping to raise awareness of these awesome ministries.
This message of giving back may seem trendy to some, but really that is what will make a difference in our self centered world.  And really isn't that what God did for us?  He gave the gift of His Son, Jesus, as a gift that saves souls and gives back......and keeps on giving.  Forever.  My hope is yes to possibly win a chance to get to Blissdom, but my greater hope is that more of you will join in with One2One Network and come to a greater understanding of the blessing you receive when you give and the difference it will make in your life and someone elses.

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  1. Thanks so much for this great post! And for helping us spread the word about GiveBack! Your words about us are so sweet! We're glad you enjoy being apart of the network!


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