Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fill My Cup Lord

I heard an expression several times this evening.  How do you fill the cup of another person?  What can I do to fill someone's cup.  Allowing grace, sacrificing self, giving, encouraging someone in their gift and blessing others perhaps to name a few.  I love this expression and hope I will use it often and keep it close to my heart.  My cup was filled by sitting around a fire talking, listening, laughing, loving, caring, and just being with other women who are ages 14-57.  I craved it and wanted to drinking in more of that moment gift from God.  Often times we feel guilty if we allow time like that for ourselves as if we don't deserve it, that we are not worthy of it's privilege, and the uncommonally good feeling we get when we do it makes us feel like maybe we are doing something wrong.  Knowing how good this feels I should wish and want this for others to experience the goodness and grace of God.  When I sacrifice going and doing for someone else because they really want me to, it fills their cup.  Instead of stepping in and taking over, I allow someone else to operate in their gift receiving the blessing their gift and passion brings to others.  Encouraging someone to try something new or experience something they never would have had they not had the encouragement overflows the cup. I am tempted sometimes to take matters in my own hands instead of allowing God's plan to unfold forcing the issue which usually leads to sin in me.  Instead we must trust God to work out His plan, filling His cup that overflows my cup with joy.
I know of may times my cup has been flowing, overflowing and filled to the rim.  Jesus did that for me. The "cup" was the suffering and crucifixion that Christ faced in order to atone for the sins of the world.  "You can indeed drink from my cup...."Matt.20:23  When I drink from His cup He fills my cup in an abundant flow of living water that feeds my soul daily.  How am I filling His cup?  It is a question I will ponder, so that I might fill the cup of Jesus with as little as my faithful heart.

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