Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ode to Jimmy Buffet "When The Coast is Clear" Dinner

Jimmy Buffet is one of my all time and millions of other fans.  Tonight he did something I could only dream of doing......helping.  He held a free concert down at Gulf Shores to help support, encourage and get people to help and come back down to the Gulf.  I was so impressed with what he was able to do, I feel so constrained by my ability to do anything that I decided to honor the Gulf coast with my dinner tonight.  So Jimmy if you ever read this I wish you could have been here to taste these yummy Gulf shrimp, the creamy Kings Grits and the tastey Fredericksburg, Texas peaches which are over the top this year.

I grilled the shrimp and onion, made the grits that my son in laws family brought us from North Carolina with milk to make them creamy then grilled these golden beauties to perfection topped with Hershey Milk Chocolate and graham cracker crumbs.  A sort of peach s'mores without the marshmellow.  The graham crackers symbolized the beaches in the Gulf after the song revealed by Jimmy "When the Coast is Clear", the peaches symbolize all the sweet people that live there, and the Hershey chocolate represents the oil that is spilling millions of gallons into the Gulf.

Although whipped cream would have been delightful on top.  Just a dallop.  I am still hoping this summer or fall at some point I will take Mom's Kitchen over to the Gulf coast and feed all those who are working so hard. Just as a thank you for all they are doing for getting the coast clear.  My heart sinks when I see the pictures, when I read the news of the spill and have just felt helpless.  I am hoping for grocery store partnership like HEB and any volunteers who want to come with me to feed them in a Airstream kitchen.  My idea is to feed the folks there with a good home cooked meal.  My small way of saying thanks.  Lots of red tape unfortunately with stores and money, but I am keeping the faith.  Still collecting hair for the booms and doing what I can in my part of the world.  Like Jimmy said....we all have to do our part.    Enjoy the visual read.  Thanks Jimmy and thank you volunteers that are working so hard for "When the Coast is Clear".Jimmy Buffet

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