Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are They Live or Are They Memorex

Most of us that grew up in the 70's & 80's remember the Memorex commercials of Ella Fitzgerald and the high pitched sound that breaks the glass.  Well who could tell anyway, I mean it was a commercial.  It was marketing.  Well as our house has been on the market and we have staged it, fixed fences, cleaned out carports and updated bathrooms there were some things that we did to help with "marketing".  Recently my father in law moved in town into an independent living apartment so he could not care for all the plants that were out at his house.  Not wanting them to die William brought them home and we have been caring for them.  They are lovely and many of them William's mom planted, took care of and kept up before she passed.  Well we have window boxes all around under these old metal lever style windows.  There are three under our dining room window that are in a ton of shade and before we moved the fence the sprinkler would not hit it and I would forget to water cause it was around the side of the house.......So once the fence was moved I decided it was time to plant something really pretty to look at outside the window........I then began to look at some other flowers around the patio comparing them to some flowers I have that are not real in the house and it is amazing how real they can make flowers you decide.  Are they live or are they Memorex.........

    You decide.



  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Today I am determined to answer everyone and update it! I love your post - and how I know how tiring it is to stage a home for sale...and plants are so hard. Hmmm....I think the third photo down is the fake? It is really hard to tell. I would do all fake - so much to take care of when selling a home. Thanks again for stopping by - and hopefully we can connect in person someday but until then, I am glad we connected via cyberspace. :-)

    All my best,

  2. Hi Barbara!

    I wanted to come and visit, say hello and thank you for being one of my newest followers! :)))

    Your blog is beautiful...I knew it was a Valentine design the minute I arrived :)
    I love all of your personal touches she added such as the photos, clock faces, cross, etc.

    I wish you luck in the sell of your home. I hope your father in law is happy in his new apartment. His flowers are gorgeous and they make a beautiful touch as a selling point.

    You are right, today they make floral arrangements so real. I'm thankful for that because I for one do NOT have a green thumb and feel terrible when I lose a plant ;)

    It was so nice meeting you Barbara...have a wonderful weekend :)


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