Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are They Live or Are They Memorex

Most of us that grew up in the 70's & 80's remember the Memorex commercials of Ella Fitzgerald and the high pitched sound that breaks the glass.  Well who could tell anyway, I mean it was a commercial.  It was marketing.  Well as our house has been on the market and we have staged it, fixed fences, cleaned out carports and updated bathrooms there were some things that we did to help with "marketing".  Recently my father in law moved in town into an independent living apartment so he could not care for all the plants that were out at his house.  Not wanting them to die William brought them home and we have been caring for them.  They are lovely and many of them William's mom planted, took care of and kept up before she passed.  Well we have window boxes all around under these old metal lever style windows.  There are three under our dining room window that are in a ton of shade and before we moved the fence the sprinkler would not hit it and I would forget to water cause it was around the side of the house.......So once the fence was moved I decided it was time to plant something really pretty to look at outside the window........I then began to look at some other flowers around the patio comparing them to some flowers I have that are not real in the house and it is amazing how real they can make flowers you decide.  Are they live or are they Memorex.........

    You decide.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Silver Spoon

Well Spoonie made the trip to our carport just fine.  On loan/exchange from a friend...... free storage for free use of Spoonie.....what a deal!  See the heart in the window......more on that later.  She did not have to travel too far, but boy are we glad she graces our driveway.  I have not had much time to spend inside of her galley, but can not wait for our first outing.  Spoonie will house what I am calling Mom's Kitchen that will go out and feed the hungry and the needy where ever they may be.  She drives well and only has a few minor dents and pokes in her side, but that is what gives her the character she deserves.  Wonder where she has been? Who slept inside her at one time?  Who now will be blessed by her permission of hope that adorns her insides?
All the comforts of a real kitchen with propane stove and oven, two sinks (better than mine), great counter space, storage, hardwood floors and an eight track player.  The retro clock needs a little work along with the player, but that is easily remedied....with maybe a flat sceen?  The original pipe is still on the side with wires attached where the antenna once branched out its limbs to catch the latest news that will now hold either a Texas flag or a Mom's Kitchen flag......I haven't decided.

A pretty pale blue adorns her interior like one of those Vegas flame drinks with pretty umbrella. She even has AC.....ahhhhhh who was thinking on that one?  A silver heart floats in the window that reads HOPE for that is what she brings to a nation that suffers.  There are people in need and Spoonie is ready for the task, none too great or small as she travels down the road bungied together, so flaps don't fly as we puddle down the highway.  This a dream come true for me to bless others with His Love, His Grace, and His never ending Mercy that watches over all of us.  Some of us just need to stand in the gap for others til they get back on their feet, til they fly again, til they can reach out and extend the same to the next who is down and out.  We all are called to do our part.  For Spoonie, her time has come to take the lead, help us with Mom's Kitchen, abandon it all for the sake of the call.

As Bonnie Raitt says,"I gotta new thang, the kind that blows my mind.  I am leanin' heavy on the throttle. I want to celebrate my new opinon. I aint' the same plain Jane, keepin it bottled up inside.  I have been waiting all my life to see things from the other side.  No need to pack much, c'mon and ride with me baby for we're headed for the county line.  When you really think about it, isn't that what it's suppose to be like. And it sure feels right.  We'll say goodbye to all our troubles, let all the neighbors talk, we're gonna have the time of our lives".
Can you just imagine me and a host of others jammin in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, lovin' every minute, sweatin' our rears off and helping someone in need.  What more could God ask for?  What more could I ask of God to have such a blessed opportunity?  It will be a journey.  It will be an adventure I am sure.  Spoonie will serve us well I am sure of that.  These are the best times of our lives.

We will be cruzin soon.  If you would like to know how you can help just email me. Can't wait!
Don't know what is down this road, and tomorrow is a mystery.....and that is ok.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Blog is Up.......and It's Good!

This past week I have been working with someone I have never met. Someone who only got to know me through my pictures. And who somehow was able to get inside my head and know what I was wanting to express on my blog.  That is a gift and finding her through social media truly was a gift because the result of the gift is evident in the appearance of my blog. I am very please with what she was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.  She worked hard explaining to me the processes and held my hand all the way to the end.  I was truly blessed and excited to see what she came up with.  I must have sent her 100 pictures to look at.  She was very gracious, patient and kind. And together we got it done.  I hope you enjoy it.  
I have done away with my website and am consolidating everything here on my blog.  You can now even purchase my wares here through pay pal.  I am so excited about being able to offer you these select designs of my jewelry on Madre Designs, and my specialty purses on Hattie Bags. I will mix in some of my repurposed antique finds that I turn into functional art pieces.  I hope you will spend some time and look around and enjoy your self while you are here.  Please sign up for both Hattie Bags and Madre Designs pages as followers, so that when I update those pages you will be the first to know when I have created something new.  Thanks for visiting, tell your friends and let me know what you think.  I appreciate your business, compliments and comments.
Kindest regards,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ode to Jimmy Buffet "When The Coast is Clear" Dinner

Jimmy Buffet is one of my all time and millions of other fans.  Tonight he did something I could only dream of doing......helping.  He held a free concert down at Gulf Shores to help support, encourage and get people to help and come back down to the Gulf.  I was so impressed with what he was able to do, I feel so constrained by my ability to do anything that I decided to honor the Gulf coast with my dinner tonight.  So Jimmy if you ever read this I wish you could have been here to taste these yummy Gulf shrimp, the creamy Kings Grits and the tastey Fredericksburg, Texas peaches which are over the top this year.

I grilled the shrimp and onion, made the grits that my son in laws family brought us from North Carolina with milk to make them creamy then grilled these golden beauties to perfection topped with Hershey Milk Chocolate and graham cracker crumbs.  A sort of peach s'mores without the marshmellow.  The graham crackers symbolized the beaches in the Gulf after the song revealed by Jimmy "When the Coast is Clear", the peaches symbolize all the sweet people that live there, and the Hershey chocolate represents the oil that is spilling millions of gallons into the Gulf.

Although whipped cream would have been delightful on top.  Just a dallop.  I am still hoping this summer or fall at some point I will take Mom's Kitchen over to the Gulf coast and feed all those who are working so hard. Just as a thank you for all they are doing for getting the coast clear.  My heart sinks when I see the pictures, when I read the news of the spill and have just felt helpless.  I am hoping for grocery store partnership like HEB and any volunteers who want to come with me to feed them in a Airstream kitchen.  My idea is to feed the folks there with a good home cooked meal.  My small way of saying thanks.  Lots of red tape unfortunately with stores and money, but I am keeping the faith.  Still collecting hair for the booms and doing what I can in my part of the world.  Like Jimmy said....we all have to do our part.    Enjoy the visual read.  Thanks Jimmy and thank you volunteers that are working so hard for "When the Coast is Clear".Jimmy Buffet