Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day God

We celebrate Father's Day and all over this country where families honor, distinguish, and recognize father's.  In churches, on television, on the radio, in malls and stores, in the newspapers, magazines, and any other social media avenue it can gain exposure the message goes out.  We give presents to our dads thanking them for all they do for us sharing our sentiments with them and others to bless them in some way.  Our earthly father's are important, especially for women and girls, when establishing that personal relationship that only a father can establish with his child.  I admire so much the individualized relationship William has with each one of our six daughters.
He has impacted each one throughout their lives in different ways.  His ability to know what each one needs before they ask, to anticipate how he can help them and his ability to micro manage parts of their lives helping them discover independence from us as they mature into adults.  He is an amazing father to our girls and God knew what He was doing when He gave William to me and to each of them.

Someone asked me today, "What is the key to a good marriage, communication?" I paused and thought for a minute and almost instantly said, "grace".  God's Word says, "Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you", and since I believe the Word of God is Truth and I believe Jesus is grace then if I have Jesus I have grace and all the rest will be added.  She said,"Love is not the key?" And I said of course you have to have love, but for me when I know Jesus' grace I have love as it is part of all the rest that He freely gives that add up to a great marriage.  I don't find that you can compartmentalize Jesus that way thinking there is just one key. He is the key and He is grace.  William walks in amazing grace.
This made me think of how would I wish God a Happy Father's Day? How do I every day?  Do I think about how blessed I am to be a daughter of the King when I am in crisis and I need Him most?  Do I show Him my adoration every day and do I pray to Him just to say I love you, good morning and good night?  Am I appreciative of the blessings and gifts He has bestowed on me as the Creator of all living things?  Everyone lives with their own convictions and this one hit home with me, that I am lacking not only in my telling William what a great father he is, but also telling God what a great Father He is too!  When was the last time you told God, "You're a great father God" you would your own father?  That is the type of communication and relationship He wants to have with you. Here is what He does for me.  He sings over me with delight, He calls me His love, under His mercy He pleads for me to wait.  He sees no stain on me and calls me His child.  He calls me beautiful.  He asks me to cast all my cares at His feet, and tells me to find my rest in Him.  He will breath His life inside of me and bears me up on eagles wings hiding me in the shadow of His strength.  He restores my soul with quiet waters resting as I am made whole. He calls me His bride, His beloved.  
All these things add up to amazing Grace, His Grace that is such the perfect picture of what we hope for in our earthly fathers.  William is running a close second........I love sweet Willie.  You are an amazing father to our 6 incredible daughters.
It is thanks to you and your mentoring, listening, love, care, nurturing patience, and guidance that has shaped them into the wonderful women they are today.
Happy Father's Day God!  Happy Father's Day William!

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