Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home is....Let me see a show of hands!

I don't know any mom who would not raise her hand if asked if spending time with her kids is the number one gift she could ever receive on mother's day.
Sure sure all the little homemade gifts you get over the years that litter your windowsill are treasures from and for the heart.  However if you were to ask for a show of hands I am not sure of any mom who would not raise hers for that gift on Mother's Day.   I received that gift this year.  It was one of my girls graduation and we all descended upon her now Alma Mater which I find interesting since Mater is latin for mother.

We feasted on crawfish, dined at the finest place in town and just had a ball being together more than anything.  When it came time to say goodbye it was Mother's Day, and I had had more like a Mother's Weekend.  A glorious one at that.  Full of dreams, tears, joys, pondering and a wealth of laughter that will have to last us all til next we gather again.  I got exactly what I was hoping for.


  1. What a glorious weekend and what a beautiful family! That is really "the" gift all moms want.

  2. Oh, love the pix of you and the girls (and this last pix!) What a great recap - a blessed day! Thanks for linking up at RE this week! xo

  3. This sounds heavenly. What a wonderful Mother's Day.


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