Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pick a Color

The fullness of spring is among us, it surrounds us and it infiltrates our senses. From the vibrant greens, to the fucia pink to the fragrant hues of blue my senses come alive this time of year. Pallets and pallets of color are delivered to the stores, plant houses and roadside stands. What I can't get over is the variety of colors, the variety of shapes and the variety of their timing when they bloom. It all seems to be heavenly orchestrated for our pleasure. The roadside freebies are my favorite and I can't seem to get enough of looking at them as I drive by. My kids were all ,"Mom we see we see!" as I point and gasp at what God has created just for us, just for me. Blanket after blanket of distant and rolling hillsides cover what once was brown. If you look closely some are knitted together like a fine quilt of colors that lay dancing in your head as you pass by. I better keep my eyes on the road. Even in the rain they seem to speak and say hello as I approach with roaring tires and heated exhaust. They don't seem to mind as the power of my car pushes the air causing them to wave hello goodbye all in the same stroke. "Pick a color any color", they seem to say as if holding out a deck of cards fanned out begging you to play along, begging you to notice them, and beckoning you to draw near or pull over.

Our heavenly Father is just as beautiful in His array of gorgeous colors as He asks us to draw near to Him. He is asking us to stop, pull over, take a moment with Me, converse with Me, listen to Me as I call out your name. It is like a grand proposal and He is down on one knee holding out His most precious gift, His Son Jesus.

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