Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home is.....When I wear an Apron

Home is when I wear an apron. This one is one of my favs cause my kids gave it to me one year for mothers day....I think. It means I am up to my elbows in chopping, cooking, preparing and feeding my family.

In this apron I can create a new dish like this one where I grilled salmon and made up a sauce to go on it. It had yogurt, lemon juice, fresh orange juice, mango, cilantro and marscompone blended in food processor to create this yummy lite sauce. I then added lump crabmeat to the sauce and put it on top of the salmon. I used it again tonight on fresh tuna salad cooked medium rare tossed with sauce, cucumber, sundried tomatos, celery with a side of tortellini. When I have an apron on I feel like I can cook and do anything.
When my house is full I wear my apron more times than not. I enjoy wearing an apron, but it has a pretty savvy side kick.

I usually have a dish towel thrown over my shoulder for quick wipes, substitute hot pads and an occasional popping in towel wars with my kids. That would be my uniform when the pots on the stove are full, the table is set and random people passing through to chat with me as I deliberate over what is next, to lend a hand or to snatch a crumb that is peeking out from under the foil. All in all I know when I have my apron on I am doing something creative.
I have another apron I wear when I am painting. It is really great.
I love my aprons. It is like putting on a uniform and my mind begins to flow as God prepares the stage for good things to come. It means usually lots of work, but the fruit of my labor is so worth the effort. My kids know its serious when I have my apron on, they know I mean business and I'm about to get down to work when I put this simple little piece of cloth around my neck....It says, "chef, cook, retro, mom, grandmother, maid, artist, helper, shop owner and I care about what is underneath to protect it with this apron". God cares about what's underneath as well. He cares about our hearts. "Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when they day comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand". Eph. 6:13


  1. The salmon dish was amazing.....
    The towel popping war with Sydney was hilarious.....

  2. Love this post. It's full of lots to absorb! The salmon DOES look delish. Thanks for linking up to RE this week! xo


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