Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching the Bug

Well as a follow up to the post from last week and a prelude to Madre Minutes tomorrow wanted to show you the pictures from the VW festival/rally we went to at LBJ Park yesterday. As the bluebonnet season is nearing full strenghth and this may very well be their last week for another full year depending on the rain,
even though they got soaked they camped,

they parked and they displayed what they brought for all the world to see. From colorful tshirts to add to your already collection of vintage tiedyed to bumpers, fenders, doors, car seats and other VW auto parts was all their way of tempting you into thinking you too could refurbish this old classic. It was like catching a fever/bug with all the buzz talk there was going on around us.

I wondered as we sifted our way in dream like fog through alleys, valleys and roads peering into a glimpse of other peoples' worlds, if this is what heaven will be like only more beautiful? Will we wade thru acres of saints sharing their stories with everyone who passes by? I used to ride in one when I was a kid and there is a handle over the glove box that was my steering wheel. The person driving would let me put my hand on hers to shift the gears which made me feel like I was actually driving. I want Jesus to drive my car and be along for the ride of a lifetime. I want Him to ask me to put my hand with His as He might shift gears in my life, always reassuring me that He is still in control. The VW has a distinct sound like the Harley that is all its own. So does God. Am I listening closely for His voice? Do I recognize His, does He recognize mine? The VW brand, shape, look and sound are all universally recognizable. God too is the same yesterday as He is today as He will be to come.

This is how I want to be about Jesus. Totally immersed into knowing about Him, telling others about Him, and putting His glory on display for others to share and see. These people at this festival/rally were passionate, competitive, eager to share, and so excited about their VW's. It convicted me that I should be the same way about God.

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