Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crystal Clear

Pictures say a thousand words. Pictures tell all. Pictures make it crystal clear. Well this was true for me as I viewed pictures my daughter posted on FB and ug......very rarely do I like pictures of myself. The message was crystal clear that something needed to be done to make me feel better about the way I look, feel better about the way I feel in my clothes and just basically feel better. I have been putting off getting back into a routine of exercise as I exercised excuses that kept me from just moving around for 45 mins to an hour. Well I started about three weeks ago mixing up my routine, pressing into sore muscles and forcing the issue in my mind. All I have to do is look at those pictures as my reminder and I am back to discipline, back to consistency and back to working out. Why am I telling you this? God always uses, for me at least, every aspect of my life as an opportunity to teach me something. So I am lying on my floor doing my Bender Ball method after Billy Blanks had kicked my rear starring up at my grandmother's chandelier that hangs in my bedroom. I sat there starring at it facing it one way:

The light coming in from the window is hitting the chandelier and being absorbed and looks flat and non reflective. Then the exercise I was doing called for me to switch sides therefore switching my viewpoint of the chandelier looking back toward the source of light seeing the reflection through the chandelier. This is what I saw:

Now it may be a suttle difference but I think you will agree. The light hitting the chandelier on one side does look a little different than the light coming out on the other side. This picture suggests to me that as we receive His light, that light from Him is then reflected even more beautifully when we share it with others. His light is beautiful, don't get me wrong, and the glory of His splendor ever radiant. For me it is the ability to see, the opening of my eyes to see His light shining brightly for me to see, for me to share to reflect His glory in my life.
I encourage you this day and every day to "Let His light shine before all men in your life that they will see your good works that Glorifies your Father in heaven". Our reflection should be Jesus. His light takes His pure beautiful light that comes in as one light, as it does in a prism, then as it is reflected and turns into a rainbow of colors opening up and spreading that light through a variety of ways. Our walk, our lives, our speech, our service and our love are just a few of the ways we can reflect His light. As His light comes in do I allow Him to shine it in the places that need His light? Do I allow Him to shine in my dark places that I think I am keeping hidden? He has already seen those places and asks us to open up our hearts to receive His light so that what needs to be revealed can be revealed.

"For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ". 2 Cor.4:6. Is His light shining out of your darkness? Out of perhaps a dark season in your life, a dark place where He can claim victory, and out of our hearts for others to see Him. Open your eyes to His light. See what God is trying to show you in every day life. He can use anything, any circumstance, and any situation to His Glory, just as He is glorified in Jesus' life, death and resurrection so too can He shine through you.

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