Monday, June 8, 2009

Fabulous Fifty

Well, last Friday I received my honorary imaginary badge for making it over whatever hill everyone keeps talking about. Here I am blowing out my candles in my wonderfully stacked creme brule that formed my cake at Rails.   I couldn't be more excited about turning 50.  I have always heard your 50's were some of your greatest years.  I can see more light at the end of the tunnel with regards to having to cater to my families schedules.  Not that all those schedules were terrible, I loved them.  In fact one time William and I put all the girls schedules out on our kitchen table.  He was standing on one side and I the other and the table was covered with school, basketball, soccer, cross country and lifes calenders.  Our eyes slowly emerged from the table into each others and I asked, "What have we done to ourselves?"  I can only say it has been a lifetime ride I wouldn't trade for a million dollars.  However,  I am beginning to be able to create my own schedule of things I can make time for or not.  I am enjoying the time I am getting to spend with family and treasuring every moment I get with them.  I am expecting grandkids in my 50's (no this is not an announcement) so that is something to look forward to. I will be able to spend more time and focus on fun ventures that I like to dabble in.  People seem to talk to you differently when you are 50.  I think it is all a matter of perspective really which is only created by the many perspectives I admire and aspire to come to know.  There is this vast melting pot of ideas, images, sounds and blessings that I think I have only scratched the surface in, revealing more of what God is doing in my life, blessing my life with and guiding me through this life.  I feel I am discovering new things everyday.  More of the infinite depth of the Lord that shows me how deep, how high and how wide His love is for me.  New adventures of processing forward into areas of learning, task building and forward thinking.  God has given us a tool, many tools.  So many times I can be complacent with those tools that really are gifts. Tapping into those gifts and tools, pulling them out of the box, daring to use them in a different way, or in a new way has me excited for this next phase in life.  I could just be status quo, staying put and never moving, so rigid that I forget to live.  I love the ending of Ever After, a modern version of Cinderella.  The story-teller says,"And they lived happily ever after.  The point here gentlemen is...... that they LIVED!".  Fifty for me seems to be a new leash and collar you get for your dog when the old one is really smelly, its one or two new pieces of clothing that makes your current wardrobe come alive, its an old song sung in a new way, its sitting out on a porch watching the moon rise enjoying dinner with old friends in the cool night air, its savoring life's spices that give us a flavorful world, its knowing that I am a much loved CHILD of God, even at the age of 50.  Hallelujah!


  1. Oh happy birthday! That is so funny and so true, it IS like a new leash and collar that you get for your dog...old song sung in a new way. Perfect analogy. God bless you starting the second half of your life, wiser and treasuring moments, instead of squandering them. One last thought...girl you are just a baby!!

  2. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful feeling to be able to create your own schedule. I have a long ways to go to get there, but at least I know that I have those more free years to look forward to. Enjoy! May God bless you in His awesome abundance!



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